Thursday, November 2, 2006

La fiesta en el barrio bajo

The Halloween we spent in Lavapiés, a barrio where the artists and other "dangerous people" live. First, we had many jarras of beer and some croquetas, patatas con queso and ensaladas in Taberna Achuri on c/ Argumosa. Sitting outside (as I was told, very unusual for this time of the year), we watched cool people dressed in really great costumes and also some homeless guys trying to find a bench to sleep. Then we went to another bar in the same neighbourhood, with IKEA lamps and 80's music, how stylish yet funny. Unfortunately, that place was very smoky, otherwise I would stay longer. Catching the last train from Atocha metro station, the barrio was still full of little kids dressed like devils.

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Steph said...

and you didn't dress up???? pfffff....