Monday, November 27, 2006

La Comida Ecuatoriana

More rain... the whole weekend was wet. On Saturday, I went to see "Scoop", a new movie by Woody Allen, with Maite, Alicia, Govi and Daniel to another V.O.S. cinema, this time it was Verdi on c/ Bravo Murillo. Nothing groundbreaking, but Hugh Jackman was cute as hell even if he played a really bad guy. It's hard to make another Manhattan or Annie Hall. After the movie, we had some cañas and pintxas in a Basque pub, most of the food and drinks were listed in Euskadi, for instance: in Castellano they call one liqueur "pacharan" and there it was spelled "patxaran".
For Sunday, we had planned "La Comida Ecuatoriana" in a small restaurant called San Francisco de Quito close to Tetuán metro station. I picked "fritada", apparently very authentic Ecuadorian meal. We drunk some beer and almost at the end I read the label and realized they made beer from maize, how weird.

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