Monday, November 6, 2006

The river is wild

Hey you, whoever you are up there, listen: Enough is enough! One more weekend full of rain! Time to take some rest from these water activities, ¿vale?
On Saturday, I slept like a baby till noon and then I tried to get the tickets for "Alegría" (a Cirque du Soleil performance to which I got tickets as a farewell gift from my friends in Riverside). The tickets were bought through El Corte Inglés, that monstrous chain of gigantic department stores that obviously do other things such as ticketing. Well... it's too early to judge them, but I haven't got my tickets (yet?). Unfortunately, when the girl at the counter check the computer there wasn't my name anywhere and I couldn't be surprised that she didn't want to give the tickets to me, because anybody could come and try to do the same thing.
In the afternoon, Govi called me and as we discussed on Friday, we went to see "The Inconvenient Truth", or "Un verdad incómoda" in Castellano, to IDEAL Cinemas. To my surprise, Iván "the cutie" was there as well, I thought he'd left like a week ago, but he went to Italy for a conference and as it turned out it was his last day in Spain as he was flying back to the US on Sunday morning. Unfortunately, he had to do some packing so we didn't go for any cañas after the movie. Then Marco sent me a text message at 11pm from a rock bar called La leyenda, close to Plaza de España and told me to come over for have some beer with his girlfriend who came from Italy to visit him. The funny thing was that in that message the bar was on c/ San Bernardo, the street that I know so I didn't take any emergency map with me. When I got there, no such a place could be found, so I called Marco back and the bar was actually on c/ San Bernardino, fortunately very close from c/ San Bernardo, but because I didn't have any map, it took me a while to find it. I met also Mar and Marco's roommate there with whom I had some drinks in Lavapiés few days ago. The bar was a very eclectic place, playing various styles of music, from The Cure to ZZ Top. I was told that bands actually performed there pretty frequently. On the way back home, a big storm came, the streets were instantly flooded and we could call the Madrid's main artery easily the "Gran Río". I am sure there was more water in the streets than in the Manzanares river.
On Sunday, an ordinary Spanish homework and then I went to see "The Sketches of Frank Gehry" to another V.O.S. movie theatre, called Golem Alphaville on c/ Martín de los Heros, very close to Plaza de España, but because I got some training the last night, it was a piece of cake to find the cinema. The place is much, much nicer and cleaner than IDEAL, also the people are extremely friendly there, so I am positive that if I could choose, I would prefer Alphaville to IDEAL. The movie could become easily an adoration garbage, fortunately Sydney Pollack also included a voice of Hal Foster, a professor at Princeton, who was not as excited about Gehry's works as the other ones in the movie, including one artists who was interviewed in his house wearing a bathrobe and sunglasses and claiming that Gehry shouldn't care about the "naysayers" because they are just bunch of flies flying around a lion.
UPDATE (7/11): I received the tickets! Apparently all that the girl needed was a little letter written in Spanish that Mien sent to me, saying that the tickets were for me.

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