Monday, October 30, 2006

Songs and Saints

Another busy weekend. On Saturday, I had to do some homeworks for my Spanish class. Many, many regular and irregular verbs... I was so tired that I took a nap and woke up in the night, ready for a drink. I called Fer and we met at 1am with his novio and some other friends and we hit a discotheque called Long Play with two stages and 5 DJs. It was a really nice place (it's good to know these places, so I am trying to remember as many of them as I can) and then, around 3am we went to a lesbian bar for some rock en español. I had to wake up quite early because we were supposed to meat at 10am at Plaza de Castilla and go for a trip to Ávila. That city is truly magical. Situated at the highest altitude of all Spanish provincial capitals, the entire Old city is walled with 88 towers and the walls are more than 2.5km long and 12m tall. They also marked the line between the wild world and civilization or between the power and domination and the poor countryside. To build the walls, numerous materials were used, including the pieces from the nearby Roman necropolis like urns and steles with inscriptions. The booklet about this UNESCO World Heritage Site says that the style of their construction suggests somebody with Arabic building skills, like the mudéjares, the Muslims that were permitted to live in Spain under Christian rule. The city of Ávila is also known for the famous saint, Santa Teresa, as she spent 30 years there. The booklet was surprisingly honest, they said that the convent where she lived was not attractive for its aesthetic (oh, these Spaniards are so polite, LOL) but the trail the saint left behind. Well... I saw a statue of Teresa in the wall of the church and she looked like she had 300 kilos of fresh weight and apparently, she levitated... These saints are just so funny... and they like galletas a lot.

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