Sunday, July 26, 2009

The battery mystery

During the 10 days of vacation, a battery in my BlackBook died. It only went through 60 charging cycles! Well, it was constantly inside my notebook and connected to the AC, but Apple claims that charged battery is kept without further charging. I would take it out, but Apple also said that removing the battery would cause a drop in the processing power. It's quite confusing then what the user should do to avoid similar issues. In my old and loved 12" PowerBook, the battery was slowly dying - from initial 3.5 hours of power to just couple of minutes before it finally died, but that was a gradual process. In the BlackBook case, the battery died instantly, without any warnings. Anyways, I paid the Apple tax yesterday.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

El robo con violencia

I just got back from my vacation. It was very exhausting, but in a good way. On Friday night, Jesus called me to go out for a couple of drinks. On the way home, I took my standard street, normally a very quiet one. I saw that somebody was walking behind me, but in Madrid that simply happens, so I didn't pay attention to it. Shortly after, that guy called me and asked for a cigarette. I replied I didn't have any and at that very moment, two of his friends who were hiding attacked me, the third broke my glasses and they stole some cash and my mobile phone. The next day, I went to the comisaría, which was full of tourists reporting pocket-picking in the Metro, but when the police heard that mine included violence en vía pública urbana, they started to take it more seriously. On Monday, by coincidence, the free newspaper was reporting this modus operandi, but also with knives included, so at the end, I was actually quite lucky.