Thursday, December 13, 2007

Three morning stories

Waiting at the Chamartín railway station for some connection, the train door is open. A man enters a wagon while still smoking a cigarette and leans against the door frame. Waiting for the door signal, he finally throws the cigarette on the railway track. Door closes, the cabin air is full of smoke.

Walking on campus. Four female students are approaching me on the sidewalk in the opposite direction. They all see me but they don't move a bit. I end up walking on the road like Agnes in Kundera's Immortality.

Having breakfast at the cafeteria. A group of men just arrived to the next table. One of them starts to clean the table by energetically sweeping the bread crumbs and other dirt on the floor but also on a friend sitting next to me. Not a word of apology.


Pascal said...

All an education that has to be re-done.

Big kisses

Sergio said...

The problem is when people like these drive a car. Every weekend the same happens. You go on the motorway and a car comes up on the slip road, paralell to you and they won't ever even think of braking. If the slip road ends they dont' care, they keep entering the motorway whether they crash into you or not, or they just drive on the hard shoulder

Not to mention those who won't give way at roundabouts, passing through them at 50 kph or more

Then they blame the government for the alleged bad state of roads