Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Sergio at Future Briton blogs about worth of taking pictures in the museums or galleries. I have to disagree that it's a stupid idea. I believe that sometimes it can turn out pretty well:

(The Dance, Henri Matisse, MoMA, Midtown Manhattan, NYC, September 2005)


Sergio said...

Well I wrote about my particular case. It pains me that I've taken useless pictures at museums but very few pictures, for example, of the streets, pictures which I prefer, which show something more lively and characteristic of the city in question

Seriously, this is the most useless picture I've ever taken. That's from a museum in Berlin:


I should have taken a picture of the museum and the street, for example. Actually I remember getting off the tram. It was a place which combined some new buildings with run-down communist era-looking old factories, and I should have taken a picture or two. I mean, it was even the tram terminal, and I like trams! More interesting than that... whatever that is

Jan said...

I actually love that one! It's artistic, I know that unintentionally, but the blurriness, shadows and reflections, together with totally strange colours, deliver something special. I would't delete it!

Stephanie said...

ahhhhhhhhhh NYC!!!