Saturday, December 8, 2007

PR S04E04

After the exciting menswear challenge, this week's episode was somehow awkward. The designers were introduced to outdated fashion trends (that will be super trendy again in like 5 years, LOL) and they had to transform them into contemporary, relevant looks. They worked in voluntary (!) teams of three with a leader picked by themselves (!) and they had to coordinate their efforts so the final collection will be "cohesive" (what a word!). The team of Christian (team leader), Jack and Kit got Zoot Suit, Fringe and Pleather. For some strange reason, they were feeling and behaving like winners from the beginning! Can a gay man be homophobic? I was on the verge of becoming one after that little monster Christian said that their team was "pretty fierce" and that they were a "team Star because their team is hot, like a star, like a celebrity". My f@#$ing goodness, what an idiot! The team of Jillian (team leader), Kevin and Rami were working with Overall, 70's Flare and Poodle Skirt trends. They are all strong and very good designers and even though Jillian and Kevin were having some arguments, they won this challenge. Some PR bloggers find this season boring and without the bold personalities so typical for the previous seasons, but I enjoy the professionalism and experience of Rami, Kevin, Jillian and others. They work hard, they are calm and focused and they deliver. I am sure that most of the drama on the set is due to the editing.

The team of Chris (team leader), Steven and Sweet P got Baggy Sweater, Shoulder Pads and Dancewear, but they didn't work enough on that cohesion requirement. It made the judges quite unhappy and Chris was eliminated:

Chris' loosing design is in the middle. By the way, is it just me, a fag, or the two Caucasian models are just plain fugly? The team of Ricky (team leader), Victorya and Elisa worked with Underwear as Outerwear, Neon and Cut-Outs trends and it was a mess, mostly because of Ricky and Victorya constant fights. Ricky was in the bottom two (again), but surprisingly he didn't cry this time. Just let him go, please.

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