Sunday, May 13, 2007

Moneo Yeah

After having a great time with "El Pintor" in the bar yesterday night, I decided to make a traditional check on the botanical gardens today. Passing by the Prado gallery, I remembered that they had recently opened an extension, currently without any exhibits but to appreciate the architecture. The project was initially very controversial. Designed by Rafael Moneo, who was awarded the Pritzker Price in 1996, the building is utilizing a former monastery of the Jerónimos, which ignited many protests from the residents of Madrid for violating the national heritage. Ironically, the most stunning part is a hall that is built from the cloister and which brings daylight to the three floors below. Unfortunately, the project needed 3 more years to finish and its price increased of 50%. Nevertheless, in my opinion it was worth waiting and worth the money. Totally in love with that place, I wanted to take many pictures there but my camera battery drained and I forgot to take a spare one, but I am positive I will visit La Ampliación del Museo del Prado pretty soon.

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