Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Greatest Bands, Pt.1: Suede

Suede was the brightest diamond of the Britpop movement. The first success came in 1989, when Suede won Gary Crowley's GLR "Demo Clash" competition with "Wonderful sometimes":
"I've heard of happy ever after
It was just a joke, but you could die laughing".

In 1993, they recorded their debut album with cryptic tracks such as "The Drowners", followed by "Dog Man Star" in 1994, the last record with Bernard Butler, including two beautiful ballads: "The Wild Ones" and "Still Life". The following album is my all-time favourite, "Coming Up" was released in 1996 and each song was so good that it could be easily a single. This video promotes "Positivity", the first single from their last album, named "A New Morning", which was released in 2002 when nobody cared about Britpop anymore.

This song came to my mind when I was walking from the train station through campus full of beautiful green trees. Spring is so beautiful.

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