Monday, May 21, 2007

The Lillywhite Sessions

LWS was a recording made by Dave Matthews Band in 2000 and produced by Steve Lillywhite. The material was never officially released and later labelled as "sad bastard songs" by Dave Matthews himself, but it leaked on the P2P networks that became the usual source of the recording, unfortunately. These deeply depressive and ultimately dark songs are the highlights of the DMB work for me. Sadly, some of them later received a modified lyrics and a more upbeat sound and were released as the Busted Stuff album in 2002. Just to compare the original depth and the subsequent banality, I am posting two verses from "Captain", a song dealing originally with suicide thoughts and which later transformed into a shallow lust song on the BS:

... I don't want your pity,
Just the promise that I'll be alright...
...I don’t want your pity
Only the promise that you’ll stay with me tonight...
...Why should I be hypnotized,
By the promise of a long life?...
...Oh how could I even try
to fight after falling into your arms?...

The whole LWS story, written in a pretty thrilling way, can be found here.

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