Thursday, May 10, 2007

Guerra por el comedor

The cafeteria/dining room in our institute is a battlefield now. On the 1st of May, a contract with a private (!) company was renewed and immediately followed by a price increase. A cup of coffee is now 75c (previously 62) and the lunch price went up for the whole 1 euro. This move immediately ignited a response from the syndicate and also from the graduate students. Today, we've boycotted the comedor to support the syndicate. The trigger was the letter from the director - I think that to be in charge of such an institution should require some social skills, but what this guy replied to the open letter of the syndicate was outrageous. What is completely ridiculous is that our institute is in the middle of nowhere (40 minutes by train from the centre of Madrid) and the CSIC doesn't even subsidize the price of the lunch for its own employees.

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