Sunday, January 7, 2007

Wise men

¡Felices Reyes! The two-week-long Spanish Navidad is over. Yesterday, we celebrated the last day of Christmas with a traditional Roscón de Reyes in the house of Alicia and Ana. Marco was finally back from Italy and the usual suspects included also Mar, Govi and Willy. The Ecuadorians were also preparing some punch-like hot drinks from strange fruits with even weirder names like naranjillas. On Sunday, I went to see Marie Antoinette, a new movie by Sophia Coppola. I was impressed by the avant-garde preview trailer, unfortunately, the actual movie is pretty conventional and the 80's music is mixed with classic tunes to an uninspirational mess. The acting performances were surprisinly good, though. Yes, I did like Jamie Dornan, of course I did, LOL.

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