Thursday, January 18, 2007

What do I miss (a.k.a. Jan the Sentimental)

  • stopping by at the girls' house after Sunday swimming for a cup of coffee and finding Stef in her pyjamas talking to her aunt
  • getting home from the Menagerie with Tonito and Paskalin and popping some B12
  • raging the University Ave (or the 91) with Ramontxe to get to the Menagerie (or the VIP)
  • getting drinks from Dean at the front bar to get fucked up early or from Bradley by the dancefloor because he is so damn cute
  • going for a double espresso to the "New Starbucks" to see Adrian working at the ice cream place
  • going to see the French movies on Mondays because it so intellectual
  • kissing strangers in the Menagerie's "darkened underpass"
  • getting crispy fish tacos at 4 in the morning with Ramontxe and eating them in the mountains behind Massachusetts Ave
  • making coffee at the BPS in the morning and pushing Stef to drink it with me when she doesn't have any time
  • making out on the Menagerie stage with Adrian
  • shopping with Mel, Stef, Paskalin and Tonito at the Ontario Mills
  • ...


Steph said...

I miss you too, and here without you it is not the same, but I am still in pyjamas on sunday morning (1h00 is still morning on sunday right?). By the way, a really important information : I broke the coffee machine in BPS, because now, without you I am in charge of the coffee, and not very awake at 8.30 am...I just bough a new one!

Steph said...

Oh and I forgot we went to the Menagerie on thursday AND friday...I thought about you!