Thursday, October 26, 2006

Brass in pocket

Ha! There is a guy in my institute that is so intriguing that I have to write something about him. I don't know his name and it's really hard to find out. I meet him every Monday and Wednesday on my way back from the Humatinities building where I take my Spanish class. Everytime I say "¡Hola!" to him, but he never responds, like a star. Then, I often see him going to the gym (yes, he looks like he spends more time in the gym than at the bench). I asked Govi about him when we saw him after the language class (she is taking a French class at the same time as my Spanish) and she told me: "Oh, that's the one that everybody finds extremely attractive (LOL, yes, including me), but he is so arrogant!". Yes, sweetie, I can see that he is arrogant but that makes him so interesting. I hope I will find out something about him.
UPDATE (30/10): He sports a new haircut, a mohawk, yes, my friends... life is tough.
UPDATE (2/11): He works in the structural biology department.
UPDATE (27/11): He lives close to my house, I just met him in EROSKI!
UPDATE (29/11): He is queer.

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Steph said...

Just speak to him...go, go, will find out, if he is mean you would forget about him, if he is nice, you would just enjoy!!
Let me know,