Monday, October 9, 2006


In contrast to the last weekend, a quiet one this time. A week ago, on Saturday, I went out with Antonio and Jose Manuel. At first, we we went to a music-kinda bar called Bar&Co. on a street named Barcó, what a funny name, huh? I was drinking gin'n'tonics with them, a big mistake. Then I needed more money and what a mess! The ATMs we saw on the way to another bar (cajeros in Castellano) were out of money, these Spanish people really drink like crazy. Well, then we finally spotted one ATM with money, but as soon as I put my only card inside, the keyboard became unresponsive and I was worried that I would end up without my card. Fortunately, after 5 minutes of desperation, the cajero popped the card out. Finally, one ATM was working and having a 50€ bill, I was ready to get fucked up. Well, I thought so... the bill was fake, as the bartender told me. I used the bill the day after in a restaurant, without any problem. Still don't know whether it was fake or not... On Sunday, I woke up at noon with a terrible headache, no B12 to reach... I promised to Govi that I would go to the Thyssen-Bornemisza museum with her. I sent her a text message whether she REALLY wanted to go and apparently yes, so I had to drink 2 double espressos to be responsive and we hit the museum. What a wonderful place! So far, the best museum in Madrid for me. Very cute inside, the walls are painted in a pink/orange colour, a wonderful collection of paintings, a nice museum store (I couldn't resist to get a Renoir poster for my house), such a gem.
The week was OK, I took a classification test for a Spanish class at the university on Monday and on Friday I found out that I was accepted to a B1 (español básico uno) class, which means that nobody's Spanish could be worse than mine, LOL. The classes start on Monday! Maite from my lab gave me three months to learn Spanish, well... we'll see.
Yesterday, there was a lunch BBQ in the house of Enrique's parents that were out of town. I posted some pictures on my Picasa's web site, so you can check out my wonderful "El Jefe", his family and also bunch of people from the institute. Marco, Maite and Teresa work with me, the rest are mostly people from the 317 lab. Enrique, Miguel, Marco and Andrea did a good job, the meat was wonderful. Then a LOT of drinks, of course, I am in Spain now. That house was close to a subway station, so everybody could drink without a limit, it's a good thing to have a public transportation here.

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