Monday, July 2, 2007


Diario ADN, Lunes 2 de julio de 2007:
Los príncipes Guillermo y Enrique presentan el gran show celebrado ayer en London Londres. WTF? I always thought they were British and baptized as William and Henry...


Sergio said...

Did they say literally "London" instead of "Londres"? If so, it's even worse.

Anyway, welcome to the mentality of, sadly, still many Spaniards.

Oh, but never ever, because I've done so to little aceptance in the past, so to speak, NEVER "trasnlate" the name of a Spaniard into another language.

Yet, if you don't wanna be "scolded", you must "translate" all foreign names into Spanish.

Oh, and by the way Spanish people... it's BEIJING, BEI3JIN1 (third and first tones if you want), not Pekín.

Funnily enough, many of those who say or write "Pekín" instead of "Beijing" get really mad if you write in English Saragossa, Seville or Corunna, the traditional forms.

Jan said...

Londres, mea culpa.

Sergio said...

I wouldn't be surprised if they had said "Guillermo" but "London".

Whenever I read a Spanish newspaper where they say "arena política", "chance", "performance", ewwwww.

And o nthe other hand they write Guillermo and hmm whoever the other guy is, I'm not really into kings, queens, pawns or whatever :P The other one is the nazi I guess Richard? No, that was his uncle, Richard VIII, who was an actual nazi, hmm I always forget hmm Dirty Harry!! That's it, lol xD

Jan said...

LOL, that's him. His uncle's nickname was Randy Andy, it runs in the family.