Sunday, July 29, 2007

Die Schlamperei

I am quite angry right now. The wonderful RENFE is the target. I am already over the fact that the computer system often collapses, leaving the trains and the platform signs unmatched and that sometimes the trains have no labels at all. I digested the fact that two weeks before the closure of the aorta of Madrid, El Túnel de la Risa, almost nobody in my lab knew about it, all being surprised when I told them. But today the amateurism has reached a new level. I wanted to take the train to Cantoblanco, obviously because of the swimming pool. Last week they started remodelling of the Recoletos station by taking off the tiles and the station air is basically filled with a cement dust. As soon as I was inside the station, already using my ticket, they announced that we would have to wait 50 minutes for the next train. Imagine: breathing the cement dust for 50 minutes! They didn't bother to put any note on the door of the station, even though it's clearly a planned activity so I could save my ticket and take a metro to the Chamartín station, for instance. Ironically, on the platform there were three security guys chatting. One of them could put such a note on the door, don't you think? So I turned around and went back home. In German, there is a beautiful word that my teacher in the elementary school used a lot when describing such working morals: "die Schlamperei".

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