Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sábado gigante

Shopping! Movies! Copas! That was my Saturday. In the morning, I decided to go therapy shopping: Zara first, I bought a wonderful jacket there (go to check their website, the photoshoot with Will Chalker is amazing). I have also realized that when I see something nice there, I have to buy it at that very same moment. Last weekend I saw a nice black sweater there and they were all gone after just week! Well, I know how it works now. Then I wanted to get the same cologne that the "train man" was wearing, so I visited Sephora on C/ Fuencarral, simply the best perfume store so far. In the afternoon, I went to see Inland Empire by David Lynch. On the way there, I stopped by in a shoe store and got great looking shoes, surprisingly made and designed in Spain (thinking of the avalanche of shoes made in China these days). The movie was very strange, though. It lasted 3 hours! Almost unbearable, many people actually left the movie theater before the end. Similar to Mulholland Dr. in the atmosphere, but significantly more cryptic. I still don't know what to think about it. In case of Mullholand Dr., I had to get the DVD to see it couple of times to understand the meaning of many scenes. In case of Inland Empire, I am afraid there might be no simple explanation available whatsoever. It's an ecclectic mix of "film-about-film" scenes (or is it "dream-about-film-about-film"?), Polish prostitutes, rabbits cooking dinner and talking on the phone... For the night I needed some fun, so I went to "Why not?" and it's really my favourite bar here.

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