Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Man of Science, Man of Faith

Today, I have accidentally visited a Monthly Forecast for Pisces, and I am pretty scared:

Feb 8 - 10: Heights and Depths
The life-giving Sun conjuncts dreamy Neptune on Feb. 8 and puts a slow-moving opposition with Saturn into motion on Feb. 10. A quick trip from fantasy to reality can darken moods and create melancholic moments if your aspirations seem out of reach. However, a Venus-Jupiter square on Feb. 9 prefers excessive play now to worrying about what tomorrow may bring. Moments of pleasure can provide a needed break and enliven your spirits. But overindulgence can be a temporary physical fix for a long-term malaise of the soul if deeper needs are not addressed.

I contacted him on Feb. 8 and we had that ill-fated date on Feb. 10! I cannot believe it, but it's simply amazing.

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Stephanie said...

Yes amazing, specially when mine was saying:
Love is more of an adventure for you Lions now that Venus is moving through your 9th House of Big Ideas until March 17. You want to be around people who are different from you and you might even get the bug to travel, just to meet someone exotic. Still, it's important to be sensible about your plans. Talk about it as if you are ready to go, but take care of practical matters before you leave.

This is scary,
bisous anyway