Sunday, February 18, 2007


Today, I have visited a permanent collection in the MNCARS. I have discovered several works that I really like: "Sur" by José Guerrero, "Dentro" by Esteban Vicente, "No. 179" by Luis Fento and "De Somnis XIII" by Pablo Palazuelo. Walking home on the sunny Paseo del Prado, I was thinking how regular everyday decisions shaped one's life. Would my life be the same if I grew up in another place than a socialist country? Would it be the same if I hadn't accepted a job in the US where the events dragged me to spend five years in the Southern California? Would it be the same if I hadn't met my current boss in Michigan and later decided to apply for a job in his lab in Madrid? How do we make decisions? Can one play the old "if...then..." game?

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