Sunday, December 14, 2008

Third Reich

Yesterday, I watched a German movie called "Der Untergang", or "The Downfall" in English, about the last days of the Tausendjähriges Reich in the Führerbunker. Hitler's madness, cold evil of Magda Goebbels, rational reasonings of the army generals, all blended into a quite good movie. There are only three "good" persons there, the young secretary, obviously, because it's her story; Ernst-Günther Schenck, the heroic SS doctor taking care of the wounded ones, but whose real story is way darker; and finally Albert Speer, the talented first architect of the Reich and later a successful Minister of Armaments and War Production:

Speer pays a risky visit to Hitler on April 22, when the Chancellery is already under a heavy bombardment from the advancing Red Army, and informs Hitler that he hasn't followed his Nero decree to destroy all German infrastructure in areas soon to be abandoned due to the Allies advancing. Leaving the bunker, he turns around to see what is left of his masterpiece, greatly damaged Chancellery:

Unfortunately, there is nothing left of that building now, it was demolished by the Red Army and the stones used for a War memorial, so we can just guess how the statues of Die Wehrmacht and Die Partei by Arno Bekker must have impressed the visitors:

In a strange turn of coincidence, Albert Speer was a featured Wikipedia article yesterday. In addition, BBC is reporting a new life awaits Prora, a planned Nazi holiday supercity, whose almost 5km-long stretch of buildings and swimming pools should have accommodated around 20,000 New Germans.

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