Monday, December 1, 2008


Yesterday I tried to break my cold-related imprisonment and we went for a coffee. Talking about some stuff, my friend told me that he had to eat again his mother's paella today even though he doesn't like it but they have it for lunch every Sunday. I look at him slightly surprised and told him that if that happened to me I would just make a quick steak for myself and eat it with the rest of the family, considering it not a big issue. He was then even more surprised by my reaction and he said: but that's my mother's food! I realized what I love about this place and its people: under the thick armour that is so hard to penetrate, there is a golden heart and the purest intentions. A funny thing happened in that café: we entered and the camareros asked us if we wanted one double espresso and one with milk, something what we ordered there last time, but it was like 2 months ago! I guess a hairless guiri accompanied by a hairy Jesus Christ is an unforgettable experience, LOL.

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