Friday, March 21, 2008

Jueves Santo & Viernes Santo

I am having a wonderful Easter. While I am working on the Ramón y Cajal application forms during the day (and they slowly drive me crazy), I try to relax a little bit in the afternoon. Yesterday we met with Carlitos for couple of beers and then Tonito joined us for some more and we ended up having a dinner with Rubén and Jesús in a Japanese restaurant. Carlos haven't eaten sushi and tempura before so it was funny to explain him the wasabi stuff, soy sauce and the miso soup. Today we met again for a torrija from the famous San Onofre pastelería, later for some montaditos and then we went to see the oldest tree in Madrid in the Retiro park. I haven't been there before in the night and I have to admit it's quite spectacular, especially in the full moon. Tomorrow back to my forms, sigh.

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