Saturday, March 22, 2008


To further deepen my struggle with the RyC forms, I have to translate everything that I wrote so far into Spanish, including my trayectoria científica, which brings many challenges. I spent some time on drug discovery where the crucial assay is called "high-throughput screening". The regular dictionaries don't help, obviously, so I tried wikipedia. I found a site in English, no Spanish version, but fortunately, there was also a version in català available. In Catalan, the term is "cribratge d'alt rendiment" and because castellano and català are like twins, after a little approximation game using the on-line Spanish dictionary, I got to the term "cribaje de alto rendimiento". What a journey!
Update: These forms are driving me insane. I went for a little coffee with Carlitos to refresh myself and we ended up having it in the CaixaForum! There is a wonderful exposition of paintings from the Uffizi Gallery, called "El pan de los Ángeles", related perfectly to this time of the year.

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