Saturday, February 2, 2008


Yesterday I learnt a new word. In the morning, our sister lab came to pick us up to celebrate José's birthday in the cafeteria. Juanjo, THE camarero, asked his typical: ¿Qué queréis?, and we ordered "seis con leche, dos solos, tres medianas, uno cortado y uno manchado". The manchado coffee was for a new post-doc in their lab and we haven't order anything like that before. ¿Manchado?, I asked and they explained me that it was a hot milk just stained a little bit with coffee.

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Sergio said...

Lol. I'm a native speaker and I only know the meaning of "con leche" -an obvious one- and "solo" -another obvious meaning-. I have no idea what the rest are about

Then again I'm not one for going to bars or cafeterias