Monday, October 29, 2007


John Siracusa reviews MacOS 10.5 at the Ars Technica. This may as well be the only review that matters.
Summary: John hates the GUI visual "improvements" and likes the internals. For me, that's a good thing, as the makeup can change or be wiped off later but the guts must stay.


Pascal said...

Hey sweetie, are you going to upgrade to Leopard ?
I can't wait to do it. When I see all the new features, I get super excited, Time Machine, Cover Flow for the files, the nem features of Mail or iChat. I mean, when I saw the video on the apple website, I wanted to go to by 10.5 immediatly. I can't wait to have it on the computer.
Send you huge kisses.

Jan said...

I guess so! Well, I will wait a little bit (for, at least, 10.5.2), but it seems to be a very good upgrade - on my intel Blackbook, it better be blazingly fast! JK.