Friday, October 26, 2007


The South Park show continues its 11th season with a second part of the Imaginationland trilogy. The Imaginationland is invaded by some terrorists that broke the barrier between the good part, inhabited by creatures like Luke Skywalker, Zeus and Popeye, and the bad, bad part, the home of Freddy Kruger, a Xenomorph and many others. Watching the first two episodes, I had the feeling that it might be a parody of the current US politics with the "monsters from the other side" (but from the SAME land) being the good, patriotic citizens who went berserk after 9/11. Consider this: Strawberry Shortcake is captured by the monsters that want to question her when The Woodland Critters appear with the cruellest ideas. These cute little squirrels, raccoons and porcupines reminded me the soccer mums with the "Support our troops" bumper stickers.

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Sergio said...

I hand't thought of it this way. It could be, let's wait till we see Episode 3.

Anyway, when I saw the Woodland Critters appear I almost died laughing.

I like these episodes which although they could have some criticism, seem to be made for "comedy's" sake only. In fact I loved the Wooland Critter Christmas episode. The way they made fun of all the abortion controversies, when they showed the little mountain lion cubs learning to perform abortions with a tune typical of sentimental scenes in movies about Christmas, or Santa shooting with a shotgun!

South Park is by far the best American animated series