Thursday, April 19, 2007

We are not all Hokies

I am constantly surprised how pathetic some people can be. Even though I really like to read some gossips from Trent, his new article about the Virginia Tech tragedy left me in shock. For instance the first sentence: "I know that the shooting at Virginia Tech has greatly affected many people all across the country and the world ...". Well, I don't know whether it should affect people more than reading about 200 dead Iraqis on Wednesday. Trent continues: "... and we can never forget the lost". I am afraid and deeply concerned that those 200 innocent Iraqi citizens will be forgotten as early as tomorrow.

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Sergio said...

To put it in other words: how many poor> people are needed per rich person dead to make a tragedy?

Seeing the ratio, it seems that 200 poor people dead are not enough for 33 rich people dead... I wonder how many iraqis must die so that it becomes a worldwide tragedy