Sunday, April 22, 2007

A sweet exile

Having couple of drinks with "El Pintor" yesterday, I realized how lucky were the inhabitants of this country. The phenotypes that reflect the gene pool are simply breathtaking here. "El Pintor", for instance, is taller than me, with a tiny waist and wide shoulders... When I walked through Chueca today, I saw many more examples of this "peninsula phenomenon". Actually, I wasn't walking around to perform these phenotypic studies but to buy a digital camera. I knew what I wanted (Canon IXUS 70 retro) and then in fnac, even though they had the camera on display, they had none (!) in stock. Unbelievable for a capitalist country, a big disappointment... I have to find another place to get it from and I am just hoping that I won't have to go to Alcobendas...
I also realized who "El Pintor" reminded me of. He looks like Jeremy Davies in Solaris but without those obsessive-compulsive moves:

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