Saturday, August 29, 2009

PR S0602

The sixth season of Project Runway has started! It has moved from the mostly-gay-oriented Bravo network to the more Mom-at-home Lifetime channel and it shows. In the first (almost forgettable) episode, a conceptual designer was eliminated, something that would not happen while on Bravo. They were keeping these freaks around because they were so damn entertaining. Not on Lifetime. You are different = Auf wiedersehen! It has happened this week to the only Asian designer in the bunch. He came with this Eastern-philosophy-like bullshit about the chicken and eggs and dressed a pregnant woman like she was bearing an egg wrapped in Jesus-like rough linen. Oh, what a delusional idea, which, however, might have worked before but not now!
This season, the group of designers is extremely strong. Much stronger than I have seen in the last five (!) season and almost as strong as in the first Canadian PR. The winning look is here:

It's impeccable! Very well done Shirin!


Anonymous said...

because you did not see project runway canada season 2, the asian guy is INCREDIBLE!!!!
the parisian friend

Jan said...

i did, they screened the finale already in april! but yes, he was incredible