Sunday, February 8, 2009

Danielle 1988

The fourth episode of LOST brought together two characters that I wouldn't expect to meet again. Jin, presumably dead, was found by a group of hot French scientists during a heavy storm that sunk their ship. The pregnant member of the crew later introduced herself as Danielle Rousseau! That means that Jin was also trapped in the time travelling journey, together with the rest of 815ers. They made three time jumps: first to 2004, when the hatch exploded and Claire gave birth, witnessed by Sawyer; then to an unidentified time in the future, when they were attacked by a group of mysterious people and when the time started to shift again, Sawyer yelled to the sky: "Thank you, Lord!"; and finally to 1988, ending in the storm that destroyed the French ship and Sawyer commented: "I'll take that back!". I love this season so far!

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