Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Nancy No More

The fourth and so far, the darkest season of Weeds just ended. The DEA agent was found skinless on the US-Mexican border fence, Doug called the INS to have his girlfriend deported, Celia was kidnapped while in Mexico, Shane has started do deal pot at school... There were no guns aimed at Nancy's head (Season 2 finale) or her house burning to the ground (Season 3 finale) but when she was in the car heading south and calling the gift shop to order a delivery for Silas, it was one of the saddest scenes I've ever seen on TV. Finally, when the alcalde confronted her with the photograph, I though there was no way she could survive that but well, who knows after the second photo presented. Now it'll be long nine months to figure it out.

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Pascal said...

I'm sure it's Conrad's baby and not the mayor's baby ! Maybe I'm mistaken ? Well like you say sweetie, we will know in 9 months. Thanks you for telling us about this show when you visited with Steph, we really love it !

Send you huge kisses