Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sueño olímpico

The newspapers are ecstatic about Madrid being one of the four cities picked by the Olympic committee. The rhetoric though is truly laughable. The Qué! newspaper says: Madrid left behind Chicago and Rio de Janeiro, beaten only by Tokio. It's a typical way how they usually write: Spain was better than XY but unfortunately lost to WZ. In a truly self-confident country the sentence will be very simple: In the olympic competition, Madrid lost to Tokio. But Qué! continues with five reasons why Madrid should be hosting the Olympics, one of them: La gastronomía es una de nuestras armas. El cocido madrileño, mejor que el sushi. No comments as it's too ridiculous to even try. Just look at it and decide by yourself:


Sergio said...

After giving it some thought, I guess it's better not to make any comment on it and on that so typically Spanish attitude

Anonymous said...

How possibly is cocido madrileño better than this?