Tuesday, November 27, 2007


A breathtaking picture I found on the internet yesterday. A high-speed train in a snow storm approaching my hometown approximately a week ago. To remind me in this sunny and still relatively warm place that Christmas time is around the corner, Madrid Christmas lights were turned on yesterday night. Apparently, there are nine millions bulbs around the city (1 million more than last year), but in total they will consume 8% less energy than in 2006 due to new technologies.

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Sergio said...

What a nice picture. I have lots of pictures like that one as my windows wallpaper, thanks to this program that cycles through different pictures every 30 minutes. Basically pictures of different cities in Europe, usually involving rain, snow and/or night. I'm particularly fond of the London Tube, of Scandinavia and German cities.

Right now I have a picture of a tram in some snowy Swedish city.

Unfortunately there's hardly ever any snow in Madrid, particualrly in southern Madrid, but the worst thing is that this autumn we're not getting any rain at all. Gee, I hate this climate.