Sunday, March 11, 2007

Don't quit 'til 47

I celebrated my cumples with Antonio and JM in Why not? (not surprising, LOL). A great night out, a lot of attention. I won't quit 'til 47 (and then I'll turn it up and I'll play a little faster). Got back home around 5am and woke up at noon to find a felicidades e-mail from the "train man". Cute. To refresh myself a little bit, I went to the Real Jardín Botánico, hoping to see some plants flowering. Well, there were not so many... some camellias, magnolias and hyacinths. Nothing spectacular (yet), I guess it's still early for them, even though the days are getting significantly longer and warmer.
Many thanks for the wishes from Carlito, Jacky, Miguelito, Marco, Gabriel, Tonito & JM (+ the gifts), Mar, Govi, the "train man", Adrian, Clair, Mélissanne, Steph and Mien, I love you!

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Stephanie said...

love you too, little angel!