Monday, December 4, 2006


A shopping therapy weekend. On Saturday, I stormed Pull and Bear, Zara and Often to get a jacket, because the temperatures are getting dangerously low and I left all my winter clothes in Brno. No success, but I've got at least a bottle of Burberry Touch that I missed so much since I left So-Cal. In the evening, I saw the new Bond movie with Marco and Mar in IDEAL Cinemas. Before the movie, we went for a beer to Alhambra, one of the very first cervecerías I went to after my arrival to Madrid. The film was almost 2,5 hours long and we got so thirsty that we needed more beer and we ended up in a German pub on Plaza de Santa Ana. On Sunday, my hunt for a jacket continued. In between Bershka and H&M attempts, I sent a desperate message (or better, a cry for help) to G., but I guess it was too early for him, so I had to make a decision by myself. Finally, I've got a black nylon one from Sfera and I am guessing that Sfera will become my new Guess, because I liked many, many things there. I hope that G. will like the jacket, because I do!

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Steph said...

I want to see the jacket!!!!! Who is this G. by the way.
S.the S.